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Do You Need Custom Built, Wood or Plastic Pallets?

We Can Build & Manage any Size Order Your Business Needs

Top-quality cost effective pallets skids and crates to keep your business moving.
OrderPallets is a pallet management and material handling supplier to small businesses and large manufactures and distribution companies. We partner with a nationwide network of leading wood and plastic pallet manufacturers as well as industrial material handling manufacturers and can arrange your pallet and material handling solutions and logistics at highly competitive prices.
From new wood or plastic pallets and crates to galvanized steel pallets that are all manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and able to produce hundreds of different sizes and designs, we likely have a solution for your organization.
Backed by over 20 years of experience in the business, our experts can develop a plan to fit your organization's needs. We know how important it is to have the right quantity and sizes available to keep your shipping department as efficient as possible.
Let us earn the spot as your number one source for pallets and more.


OrderPallets offers a broad range of wood and plastic packaging products and solutions from standard-sized pallets to custom-built specifications to meet every customer’s needs. We offer new and recycled options as well as pallet management programs, custom crating, steel and plastic storage drums, a wide variety of FIBCs "Bulk Bags" and Intermediate Bulk Containers "IBCs", pallet removal services, and more.
Recycled standard 48x40 GMA pallets A and B grades to meet price and quality requirements.
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Spill Containment Pallets of various types 
and sizes Ready to Ship.
Spill containment spill pallets help you meet SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC Spill Containment Regulations. 

Shipping & Distribution Products

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Heat treating wood pallets and crates ensures that consumers are guaranteed compliance with international standard ISPM15 for the transport of their product.

The heat treating process sterilizes the wood through a heat treatment process, safeguarding against the spread of most quarantine pests through international trade.

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Empty wooden pallet for industrial transportation and goods to container and load to truck

The Anatomy of a Pallet - Stinger and Block Design


 48x40 heat treated pallet top view.
 48"x40" Heat Treated pallet PDS Side and End View
48"x40" HT pallet PDS bottom view drawing
 48"x40" GMA Pallet Structural Design Drawing

New and custom wood pallets are made using a CAD-CAM Pallet Design System

to design the optimal pallet to suit your needs.

Wood Pallets can be hand-crafted by our experienced top-notch builders or, we have the capability to employ the CAD-CAM design system.
*CAD system is not available in all geographic area's*
All order information is kept in our system for future orders.
Any mark that our customers may need for identification can be branded into pallets.
All measurements confirmed before your build begins.

The Battle of Mold on Pallets.

We can process wood pallets through a dip tank located within the facilities that have a mold retardant compound to help combat mold. This service is available as an option on most wood pallets.​

Standard Pallet Sizes

48” x 40”
Top Deck Number: 6-7
Bottom Deck Number: 4-5
Stringers Number: 3-4
Maximum Load: 4592 lbs.
​(1 extra Stringer can hold 9.900 lbs.)
Average Pallet Weight: 37 lbs.

48” x 36”
Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 5260 lbs.
Average Pallet Weight: 31 lbs

40” x 40”
Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 3543 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 29 lbs.

48” x 48”
Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3-4
Stringers Number: 3-4
Safe Maximum Load: 4672 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 37 lbs.

44” x 44”
Top Deck Number: 7
Bottom Deck Number: 4
Stringers Number: 3-4
Safe Maximum Load: 4443 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 37 lbs

36” x 36”
Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 3543 lbs.
Average Pallet Weight: 32 lbs.

48” x 42”
Top Deck Number: 7
Bottom Deck Number: 4
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 4331 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 36 lbs.

42” x 42”
Top Deck Number: 6
Bottom Deck Number: 3
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 6584 lbs.
Average Pallet Weight: 33 lbs.

24” x 24”
Top Deck Number: 4
Bottom Deck Number: 2
Stringers Number: 3
Safe Maximum Load: 2695 lbs.
​Average Pallet Weight: 21 lbs.

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