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ORBIS HDMP 48"L x 45"W x 34"H 1800lb Capacity

BulkPak Folding Bulk Shipping Container

Orbis bulk crate and pallet truck 152938.png
Orbis one open door 152728.png
Screenshot Orbis 2 open door  152839.png
Orbis crate bottom.jpg
Orbis container latch.jpg
Folding Orbis  2021-10-29 152619.png
Orbis crate bottom.jpg

Shipping containers are ideal for transporting large quantities of parts for work-in-progress, storage, and transportation applications. These bulk containers fold when empty to reduce cost on return freight and storage. Structurally reinforced foam molded high-density polyethylene resists rust, odors, and moisture. Folding containers allow positive stacking to reduce floor space. Reusable plastic containers are structurally reinforced at all stress points for added strength and stability. Smooth interior surface cleans easily. Large, spring-loaded ergonomic latches make collapsing containers and opening/closing access doors easy. Folding storage containers allow convenient four-way forklift access. Optional Lid protects contents (Sold separately)

Many sizes available including 48"L x 40"W x 39"H, 2000 Lb. Cap.

Orbis Bulk Container Specs 153922_edited

A Wide Selection of  Manufacturers, Types & Sizes Available

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