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Distribution Pallet 


Distribution Pallet stack.jpg

This distribution pallet series offers outstanding nesting capabilities, durability enabling hundreds of work cycles and easy forklift entry when nested. This pallet has three levels to prevent goods slipping. It is designed for long term re-use and it is fully recyclable at the end of its working life. Monitoring is enabled by adding a barcode sticker, a QR code and there is a designated location to attach an RFID sticker. It is ready for use with automated systems. An ideal pallet for the food, fashion, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.


Additional Features

• Multi trip pallet
• Easy forklift entries when nested
• Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable
• Excellent design for better support of any type of goods and/or crates
• Easy to wash and clean
• Closed deck (optional)

Capture Distribution pallet specs 1.PNG
Capture Distribution Pallet specs 2.PNG

Logistic Data

Capture Distribution Pallet logistic Dat

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