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Nestable Export Pallet 

Lowest Price Plastic Pallet! 



The ZR-1070 is a very lightweight pallet. It has outstanding durability, advanced design, and reinforced feet that provide increased stability. It is designed for heavy loads and fitted with an accessory ensuring that shrink wrap is tied securely. Additional options include: racking skids with a racking ability of up to 1,650 lbs, regular skids, and a closed deck. Perfectly suited for the agriculture industry and many others.

  •  Designed for heavy loads

  •  Lightweight

  •  Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable

  •  Easy to wash and clean

  •  Excellent design of a legged structure that enables better support of   goods

  •  Closed deck (optional)

  •  Skids (Optional)

  •  Custom aviation safety requirements

  •  A special feature designed to enable secure wrapping of goods

  •  Stable and extra firm legged structure

rrm 1070c Close up.jpg
Screenshot PG 107 pallet Specs.png
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Notes on Use

Technical Drawing (mm)

Capture 1070 DETAIL 2.PNG
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