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Tracking and Automation


Modern technology enables products to be shipped from all corners of the world with seamless management of the relevant information (such as their location throughout the process, their target country, and the date of delivery).

Even in huge warehouses, the location and shipping status of every single pallet and crate can be automatically tracked and effectively managed, as if it were the only one there.

Our efficient tracking and automation solutions save our clients time, money, and labor.
Tracking and automation solutions benefit everyone. They make shipping quick and efficient. End customers can independently follow every step of the shipping process. The products safely reach their destination on time.

RF-Based Identification tracking


This advanced solution enables you to identify and track crates and pallets automatically.
How does it all happen? Each product is equipped with a unique chip, which is embedded on a sticker, or planted in a designated area on the product. The chip stores all the information about the crate or the pallet: its contents, shipping dates, destination and other details. This information can be read by electronic devices with antennas. With these readers, relevant workers such as forklift operators and warehouse staff can easily obtain the shipping details of each product.
For this solution to be effective, staff members at all stages of the shipping process will need to have the right equipment for reading the information and linking it to the organization’s databases.

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We are delighted to offer our customers the entire range of our products that extends way beyond the crates and pallets. Our unique specification and development process guarantees efficient and precise management of your shipping and storage processes.

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