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Lightweight pallet, designed for heavy loads. Reinforced feet providing extra stability and a special accessory ensures secure shrink wrap tying. Options include regular skids/RS skids (racking ability - up to 750 Kg) and a closed deck.

Capture 110 PLUS DIPLU.PNG
110-plus-pallet-917511-03 48x40.jpg

ZR110 Plus Pallet DIPLU-C

• Designed for heavy loads
• Light weight
• Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable
• Easy to wash and clean
• Excellent design of legged structure that enables better support of goods
• Closed deck (optional)
• Skids (Optional)
• Custom aviation safety requirements
• Special feature designed to enable secure wrapping of goods
• Stable and extra firm legged structure

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Open or Closed Deck - With or Without Skids

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