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  • Gaylord corrugated materials resist splitting and tearing and some cardboard Gaylords can hold up to 5,000 pounds. More corrugated walls mean more durability.
  • Gaylord boxes come in different materials, such as cardboard, fiberboard, and plastic. Some plastic boxes are reusable, but Gaylords usually refer to one-time boxes. 
  • Gaylord boxes are recyclable and suitable for eco-friendly businesses. Some types can be used several times, and they can be folded flat when empty, saving storage space, and reducing environmental impact.
  • Gaylord boxes have other uses besides shipping. They can be part of product displays, storage, warehouse cleanup, and more.

Multiple Sizes Available Including:

48 x 40 x 45″  48 x 40 x 36″  50 x 40 x 28″  43 x 36 x 29″  43 x 36 x 15″  41 x 34 x 28″  and  34 x 27 x 24″ 

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